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Damaged, spoiled or lost deliveries

If an item arrives damaged or spoiled, or in the event that your order has been lost or has not received it in the established time, please contact us at africajollof@gmail.com to resolve the issue within 14 days of delivery.

Please, we need you to send us, A photo of the damaged area with your order number as well as details.

We understand that sometimes items get damaged or there may be problems with the shipping service and we will work to resolve the situation quickly. In most cases, we will reship your order at the next available ship date.

Safe consume

We at West African Pot making sure that your order is packaged properly and shipped at the appropriate speed so it arrives to your doorstep in good condition and safe to consume.

If you have additional questions about the condition of your order, or you believe that your order is not safe to consume, please contact us at africajollof@gmail.com within 14 days of delivery. We handle each inquiry on a case-by-case basis and are happy to assist you.

Contacting Us

If you wish to request a refund or have any questions about this refund policy.